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No account needed

Let customers make payments directly from their bank's mobile or web app. No need to make new accounts or leave your site.

Cardless payments

Remove the inconveniences of card payments. No more typing out card numbers or codes. Customers authorise payments easily using biometrics.

Secured by banks

Your customers' details are protected by the same bank systems that they already use.

Full view of your payment landscape

See a complete overview of all payments made to your business.

Data-rich payments

Our payment tokens connect payment data with any supplementary information you might request. They're fully searchable in the dashboard or via our API.

Simple customer interface

We guide your customer through each simple step.

EU coverage

We're making more banks available every day. Citizen lets you provide a fast, simple payment option for customers across Europe.

Instant payer verification

Effortless and instant confirmation of customer identities.

Verify account holder names automatically via their payments.

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