Citizen Sign-in is a fast and secure way for people to create accounts and log in across multiple platforms.

It's available on iOS, Android, Web, desktop apps and devices such as Smart TVs and Internet of Things objects.

repeat customer

Create repeat customers

With no passwords to remember / forget, your customers can login with minimal friction.

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Drive growth and engagement

Citizen‘s unique approach enables access to verified, up-to-date customer information.


Customer Verification

Citizen verifies all contact information from users, so you know that you're dealing with valid input from a real person.
This provides your service with multi-factor security, enabling you to authenticate your customers from one touch.

Gradual Authorisation

Citizen Sign-in offers gradual authorisation- you don't have to request all the information you want up front— you can do it over time. This means people can quickly and easily create accounts in your app— and as their experience with your app deepens, you can request additional information.

Networked Data

Uniquely, your systems are updated when a Citizen user changes their contact information via the platform.
This provides you with relevant and up-to-date information, improving your ability to engage with customers.

No Passwords to Forget

Users can sign into Citizen with just a tap of the finger. This increases the chances of them becoming returning customers, as they no longer have to slog through password resets after periods of inactivity.


Access information which would be time-consuming or hard to collect through your own registration form, for example:
their birthday, hometown or current location.
Features like the ability to import a profile picture from Citizen give a stronger sense of connection with your app.

Multi-factor Security

Data breaches are increasing in frequency and severity. Your users are at risk even if your app has not been hacked, as stolen customer information can be used to access other sites and apps. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has stated that SMS codes are not considered secure enough. Use Citizen's 2-factor solution to protect your business from fraud and account compromise by adding a powerful layer of security.

Use Cases

One touch, one blink secure login

Faster registration & onboarding

SaaS user enforcement

Strong customer authentication


FREEfor unlimited users


How do I get Citizen for my website / app?


Follow the instructions on our 'Developers' page. A single line of code will enable the Sign-in functionality for your website.

Do you share our user data with other companies?


Citizen does not share your data with anyone without your consent. As we cannot see your encrypted data, all requests must be consensually agreed by both the business and their customers.

How do I know that the data is real?


We validate data progressively using confirmed identifiers such as email address and mobile number. We also validate additional data via our personal data network.

What does networked mean?


At Citizen, we put the user at the centre of their data. When they make a change, we broadcast an update to all businesses that have consent to access that data.

Is it really free, what’s the catch?


No catch. Our model is to provide a free, secure and trusted personal data network for all consumers. We make our money from businesses who want consensual access to deeper data for onboarding & strong authentication, or accelerated GDPR compliance.

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